13 November 2017

L4 presentation

  1. Jack - thank you. Tony? Sam?
  2. Johnny - what time? Who else will present and when?
  3. You tell me when your portfolio is done, and I will then check.
  4. Work in pairs to create a 1 to 2 minute monologue. Help each other record and then upload. Then, in either the same pairs or different pairs, record a discussion on the same topic. Don't argue or debate. Simply exchange opinions.


  1. "Killing". Structure rather than pronunciation.
  2. You need to be clear.
  3. You have explored to discover something new to inform the audience. An opinion of your own backed up with facts and other evidence. Something to think about. Something that could help them grow intellectually.
  4. Don't use words or a grammatical structures unless you know them!
  5. Has your essay 'achieved'?
  6. How did you create it? Your method is probably wrong. 
  7. Spelling check. Grammar check.
  8. The unit of a text is not the word, it's a sentence. Even though each word may be correct, the sentence may not be.
  9. Each main sentence is a complete thought. It can be the topic sentence. Then you write other sentences to make that idea clearer. That is the paragraph.
  10. What is your 10-word outline?
  11. China, problem, old (old what? is? has? a? the?)
  12. There is NO global population problem!
  13. What are the 6 references?
  14. Population pyramid.
  15. Reference 1.
  16. Air pollution and child health.

07 November 2017


30 October 2017

L4 speaking

  • Accumulate checks
  • Tony's
  • Donson's
  • Portfolio checklist
  • Impromptu presentation by me of one of theirs.

11 October 2017

L2 Term 4 Week 1 Day 2

Chapter 12

  1. How many people left?
  2. Who was left?
  3. How many people were tired? 
  4. What were they tired of?
  5. How many questions did John ask?
  6. Why did she move?
  7. Where was the big man?
  8. Is the man helpful at first?
  9. Does 'softer' here mean weak, gentle, smooth, or  quiet? (choose 1)
  10. Why didn't John like him?
  11. What's the correct order? A) They moved here. B) They died. C) He was born. 

10 October 2017

L2 Term 4 Week 1 Day 1

Questions on Chapter 11 of How I Met Myself

  1. What was John reading?
  2. Which month was he interested in?
  3. Where does Andrea think he is going?
  4. What happened in Budapest in 1945?
  5. How was it a happy day?
  6. How was it a sad day?
  7. What 3 things does John do next?
  8. Is Andrea angry with John, the baby, or the receptionist? (choose one)
  9. What's the Hungarian word for 'street'?
  10. Who does John want to find now?
  11. Does Andrea say she'll help?
  12. Find and correct the 2 mistakes.

19 September 2017

Semester 2 Term3 Last Week

Mock test #1 result
Next chapter of How I Met Myself Big Reading 59-65 12 screens answer in pairs.
Mock test #2 indicate a) screen shot b) answer
small reading
SRA new colour, keyword, start reading aloud, hands up. I dictate sentence.

  1. Who came?
  2. Where are they going? Hospital, tea party, house (choose 1)
  3. What are two things you can find on Margaret Island?
  4. What time was it when they got there?
  5. What does John ask Andrea to do?
  6. Did John look at Andrea before or after the door opened?
  7. Is 'sorry' Hungarian, or English?
  8. Who were first, second, and third?
  9. How many days does Zsolt work?
  10. While walking home, what did they do?
  11. There was no snow this year. What else was different?
  12. What do you think the noise might be?

05 September 2017

Kosens w2 Wed

2-min presentations
Collect in diary pages, and blurb
11 to 12 group conversation

04 September 2017

Kosens Wk 2 Tuesday

2-min presentations
Collect in diary pages, and blurb
11 to 12 group conversation
act out class/ homestay situation/ NZ experience episode.