08 January 2018

Opo the dolphin

The local 
She pushed it 
The dolphin learnt 
Fishermen found 
Opo preferred 
She sped like
The dolphin joined
The fishermen were

to play with a beach 
lightning through the water to catch 
people called her 
able to scratch its belly with 
along with her 
a dolphin following their 
the people 
children and would let them stroke 


an oar.



Fishermen found a dolphin following their boats.
The fishermen were able to scratch its belly with an oar.
The dolphin joined the people swimming.
The local people called her Opo.
Opo preferred children and would let them stroke her.
The dolphin learnt to play with a beach ball.
She pushed it along with her nose.
She sped like lightning through the water to catch it.

04 January 2018

Summer school part 2

11 December 2017

Hadashi no tabi chapter 2

Chapter 2

Mami sent me a letter today. She wrote:
     I’m happy. Soon you will come to Japan. I will meet you at Fukuoka airport. Soon we will be together again. We have lived alone for a few months, so we have much to talk about.
     Japan has four seasons. So does New Zealand. But their seasons are opposite. Now, in New Zealand it is autumn. In Japan, it is spring.
     The weather will be important for us, because Mami and I will be camping for much of the time. In New Zealand, I bought a small tent and two light sleeping bags. They are only for summer. If the weather gets bad, then we will get cold. In Japan, as we travel north, I hope that the weather will grow warm. We start from Satamisaki in the south, in April.
     In two weeks, I will fly to Japan. I like Japan. I have been there before. I even have a Japanese hobby. I enjoy writing haiku, but in English, not Japanese. Ten years ago, when I was first in Japan, I started writing them. I would like to write some haiku during my trip. I usually write one or two haiku each day.
[202 words]

25 January 2017

Week 7 Day 4

Collect in all books
One favorite/necessary activity per person
Emails to me to keep in touch and for Lingq
Practice presentations sentence by sentence.

MC work - notes on everyone
Syrian video

Look at what we had.
Help us remember.
See where we come from.
There are many differences.
Understand our feelings.
How much of this is gone?
I left my school because of war.
I couldn’t go to school for five years.
I moved here from Syria.
I miss my hometown.
When things are different I may go back.
I might decide to stay here.
It’s rare for people to have their house.

انظروا الى ما لدينا.
ساعدونا تذكر.
ترى من أين أتينا.
هناك العديد من الاختلافات.
فهم مشاعرنا.
كم من هذا ذهب؟
تركت مدرستي بسبب الحرب.
لم أتمكن من الذهاب إلى المدرسة لمدة خمس سنوات.
انتقلت الى هنا من سوريا.
افتقد مسقط رأسي.
عندما تكون الأمور مختلفة ربما أعود.
وأنا قد قررت البقاء هنا.
ومن النادر للناس ليكون منزلهم.
anzuruu 'iilaa ma ladayna.
saeduna tadhkar.
taraa min 'ayn 'atina.
hnak aledyd min alaikhtilafat.
fahum mmashaeiruna.
kam mn hdha dhahb?
tarakt mudristi bsbb alharb.
lm 'atamakkan min aldhdhahab 'iilaa almadrasat limuddat khms sanawatin.
antaqalat 'iilaa huna min suria.
aiftaqad masqat rasi.
eindama takun al'umur mukhtalifat rubbama 'aeud.
wa'ana qad qarrarat albaqa' huna.
wamin alnnadir lilnnas liakun munziluhum.

23 January 2017

Week 7 Day 2

Continue yesterday's list.
All 3-letter words
Placement test for 4 students. (Result: Nour level 2, Ola level 1, Ahmad D level 1, Rahaf level 1)

Helping Mohamad (and others) with presentation
Hello everyone.
My name is Mohamad.
I’m (18) eighteen.
I’m from Syria. I came to this class to learn English.
 I speak Arabic.
 In Syria, I couldn’t go to school for (5) five years.
Let me tell you now about one thing.
I like Rugby.
In Syria, we don’t have rugby at school. We have football instead, and tennis. I was a soccer player in a club. I was a mid-fielder.
Anyway, I learned about rugby in New Zealand. It looks fun. It’s a very good game, I think.
More people play rugby, and the team size is more too. Rugby is popular, and many people like to watch it.
New Zealand won the rugby world cup last in (2015) twenty fifteen. They beat Australia.
The score was (34 – 17) thirty-four to seventeen.

Well done!

22 January 2017

Week 7 Day 1

Review of ‘Summer’ School program, and to the future!
(folders, climate, 60 hours) 

Helping Ahmad L with presentation

I am Ahmed from Syria. I come from the city Aleppo in north-west Syria. I moved from Syria to Lebanon in 2012 because of the war. Then, I worked in Lebanon at a petrol station. I was in Lebanon for five years. After I came to New Zealand, I went to the Auckland Mangere refugee centre. I stayed in Auckland for only one month, and then came to Dunedin. Now I ‘m living in Concord. I am here—me and my dad and mum. My two sisters and one brother are still in Lebanon. I like swimming. I hope to learn English better.
Thank you for listening.

  • PRESENTATION spend 30 minutes practicing
  • SRA if you remain at Polytechnic)
  • Readers, reading, read, level
  • Personalize new words (use Spell-Write) puppy Bobby
I’m sad about summer.
This is our last  week.
  • Identify pronunciation difficulties e.g. pat/bat, leaf/leave) minimal pair practice
  • Dictation - how to do on your own (2 ways)
  • Which new words to learn?
  • Bookbox stories to listen/read (31 US English)
  • 100 word copy/write
  • Collect short sentences (cut and paste) . ... .
“Sorry” said the door. 
She shrunk slowly.

18 January 2017

Week 6 Day 4

Pick a difficult text
create sentences true for you
Alice in Wonderland zero one two three four five

pick a difficult text
create sentences true for you

Alice in Wonderland.
Hello. Today I am going to read a story called Alice In Wonderland.
Once upon a time a little girl Alice was sitting on a tree. Her Aunty was reading Alice a book. Then Alice fell fast asleep and she was in her dream and she was chasing a white rabbit through a small cave.
She clawed down and went on and then she fell but it was lucky that she had a dress and it opened and it opened and she floated down.
She saw a chair and she sat on it and then a book floated past and she grabbed it. She read the book and then she slid off the chair and she said “why does this always happen to me.”
She got down and she still chased the rabbit through a small door and she was so big. She turned the knob and it said “Ouch!” Alice said sorry. She said she needs to get to the white rabbit. “Sorry” said the door. “You have to drink the little bottle on top of the table.”
Then something happened to Alice. She shrunk slowly. Then water came from nowhere. Then she fell down in the bottle and the door opened his mouth and the water took Alice to Wonderland and she saw some animals up ahead. She said “Excuse me Mr Bird.” But the bird did not hear her. Then the water began to bend down. She did not realise she was sitting on a toucans head. He said “Hello little girl. Where are you off to?”Then Alice said “Have you seen a white rabbit?” Mr Bird said “Yes, he went that way.” “Thank you” said Alice. “You are welcome.” said Mr Bird.
Alice went into the woods and she cannot find him so she sat on a log and started to cry. Then all of a sudden two twins came popping up and the first brother was Beep and the second brother was called Bip. Beep said “Why are you crying?” Alice said “I can’t find the white rabbit. Have you seen the white rabbit?” They said “Yes. He went this way.”
Alice went on to find the white rabbit and saw him running very fast. She said “Slow down Mr Rabbit.” “I can’t.” said the rabbit. “I’m running out of time. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” and he ran through a gate. Alice went in too. She saw a mad hatter and a brown rabbit and they were having a cup of tea and they asked the white rabbit to have one but he said he was late and he didn’t have time and kept running. Alice went too.
The white rabbit went to see the evil queen and had to listen to her and she was mad! Alice heard the rabbit saying she was the best queen and this is her land and her soldiers are cards.
The queen challenged Alice to a game of mini golf and the queen was always happy when she won.
Then Alice woke up in a flash and her Aunty said “Let’s go home”

There is an elephant that has spent the last 20 years in a California zoo. Her name is Ruby. She was sent to the zoo after she spent some time performing in a circus. A group called PAWS has been trying to get her into an animal sanctuary. PAWS stands for "Performing Animals Welfare Society. The animal sanctuary that PAWS owns has a lot of land. They let the animals roam around instead of being in a cage. It would be more like a natural home to Ruby. It took PAWS nine years to get permission to move Ruby. She was finally loaded onto a truck and moved out of the urban environment. A person who works for PAWS said that she seems right at home at the sanctuary. She is eating well and has already made a special friend. Ruby has been rubbing trunks with another elephant. This is something that elephants do when they care about each other. The other elephant was brought to the sanctuary two years ago. She also came from a zoo. The sanctuary will give Ruby 100 acres to roam around on. She will also get the chance to socialize with three other elephants there.
Experts say that elephants that have been in captivity often have a hard time getting along. Ruby seems to be doing great and adjusting well. She seems to like her new home and friends.

Sakhr seems to be a good man / know Arabic / a good teacher /

Ruby Gets Comfortable in New Home

Ruby the elephant, who spent nearly half her life at the Los Angeles Zoo, is now at the PAWS animal sanctuary in Calaveras County.

Ruby the elephant has been a favorite at the zoo for 20 years. The elephant arrived at the Los Angeles Zoo in 1987 after spending some time performing in a circus.

For the last nine years, animal activists have been trying to get her to an animal sanctuary and out of her urban environment. Early Tuesday morning Ruby was finally loaded aboard a big rig in Los Angeles and seven hours later arrived at the Calaveras County sanctuary run by PAWS, the Performing Animal Welfare Society.

Almost from the moment she arrived, Ruby seemed at home. According to PAWS co-founder Pat Derby, "She's feeling really great. She's in the barn with three others, and she's already found a special friend."

In fact, Derby says Ruby's already rubbing trunks and communicating affectionately with LuLu, an elephant brought to PAWS from the San Francisco Zoo two years ago. "Just touching trunks and doing all of the caressing that elephants do in the wild when they really care about each other," said Derby.

At the sanctuary, Ruby will soon be able to roam 100 acres of rolling hills and socialize fully with the three other elephants there.

Experts say elephants who've been in captivity often find it difficult to get along. So far, Ruby seems to be living up to the social skills her former handlers say she has in abundance.

17 January 2017

Week 6 Day 3

Week 6 Day 3

Sentences Mr Bean page 3 (dictate them)

Mr. Bean sat and looked round the restaurant. 1 There were a lot of people in the room. There was a man and a woman at the next table. 2 They ate and talked.
Suddenly, a waiter arrived at Mr. Bean's table with a bottle of wine.
3 'Would you like to try the wine, sir?' he said.
'Oh, yes please, ' said Mr. Bean.
The waiter put some wine in Mr. Bean's glass and Mr. Bean had a drink. It was very nice! He smiled, and the waiter tried to put more wine into the glass.
4 Of course, the waiter was right. First, the customer tries his wine. When he is happy with it, the waiter gives him more wine. But Mr. Bean didn't know this, and 5 he quickly put his hand across the glass.
'No, thank you, ' he said 6. 'I don't drink wine when I'm driving.' The waiter looked at him strangely - and walked away. He didn't say, 'Why did you try the wine when you didn't want it, you stupid man!'
Mr. Bean took the knife from the table and started to play with it. 7 He pretended to be a bad man. He pretended to push the knife into somebody. But he didn't really want to kill anybody, of course. It was a game.
8 The woman at the next table looked at him angrily, and Mr. Bean quickly moved the knife. Next, he hit the glasses and plate on his table with it. Ping, ping, ping they went! And after a minute, he played the song 'Happy Birthday' on the glasses. He smiled and thought, 'I'm very clever!'
But the woman at the next table didn't think, 'That's clever!' or 'Oh yes, that's funny!' She thought, 'That man's really stupid!' And she looked hard at Mr. Bean.

1 There were a lot of people in the room
1 children, classroom, many
They ate and talked.
2 she, your,  drank, read drunk
3 'Would you like to try the wine, sir?
3 Miss, cake, cut, mind
Of course, the waiter was right
4 teacher, wrong,  wasn’t
5 he quickly put his hand across the glass
5 slowly, moved, table
. 'I never drink wine while I'm , singing. I sit
6 never, singing,  while

7 singer, great, wanted
8 pointed, policeman, nervously

Spell-Write: form sentences from 2 words 
SLR Level gold (2)

Knowing how to read is very important. Reading helps you understand things. Many people want to get more children, adults, and families to read.

A special program was created to help others learn about reading. This program is a tour that goes to different places. It gets people watching it to be a part of it.

The program puts on a show that is 20 minutes long. It has two funny people putting on a show. They go to schools all over California and perform.

One of the things they do is a game show with someone in the audience. That person has to answer questions about books and reading. They will win a prize if they get the questions right.

The show is part of a program that costs a lot of money. It wants to get as many people involved in reading as they can. They will travel to many different places.