21 March 2018

L2 Reading 22 March

Lead inOne Cyclist in Lisbon

Reading dictation:
"Let me help you, Andy," said Mary, and she took up the torn net. Her fingers were nimble and she worked with Andy whilst the others lay on their backs on the hot sand. 
"Andy, did you ask your father what we wanted you to do?" said Tom.
"Aye, I did" said Andy. "He says, yes--if I work hard all the week."
"Andy! How lovely!" said Jill in excitement. "I never thought he'd let you."
"Do you mean to say your father will lend you his sailing-ship to take us for a trip to Little Island?" asked Mary, hardly believing her ears. "I never thought he'd say yes."


  1. Who helped Andy?
  2. Who did Andy ask?
  3. Who spoke last?
  4. Where do the children wish to go?
  5. Who was surprised?
  6. Do you think 'nimble means flexible, strong or skillful? (choose one)
  7. What did Mary help Tom with?

What a strange  _________
Would anyone like to __________?
Are there any _________ ?
Are these two ___________ ?
Please do a good _______
Please come to the _____________
We have to think of a _________
You are in the same __________
I want to come and ________
You are so _________

1 Litre of Tears

The Happy Couple
Practice assessment.

Reading Log:
15 minutes reading anything.
Record this in the back of your notebook.


BIG Reading: Lost in Sydney Final 5 minutes

Next time: Mystery on the Downs

20 March 2018

L2 Reading Template

Lead inOne Cyclist in Lisbon

Reading dictation:
Andy was tall and brown. He was dressed in old blue trousers, and a dark-blue jersey. He liked the children very much and often took them out in his little boat. He had taught them all to swim like fishes, to row strongly, and to climb the rocky cliff like cats. It would really have turned their mother's hair quite white if she had if she had seen the things that the children sometimes tried to do! 

Andy sat on the side of his little boat and grinned at the three children running down the rocky path. His white teeth gleamed in his brown face, and his eyes shone as blue as the sea. He was mending a net.


  1. What was brown?
  2. Which two things were blue?
  3. What are cats good at?
  4. Where was Andy as he mended his net?
  5. Is the mother's hair white?
  6. Where did Andy take the children?
  7. Which two things did Andy teach the children in the water?

Please, just one _________
What are you __________?
You should be a little more _________
Let"s go and get ready for ___________
I must be _______
Let's take a _____________
Wait a _________
Be __________

1 Litre of Tears

HW: The Happy Couple
Did you read the story? Do you understand it? Ask questions to help everyone understand.

Dialogue Journal:
What's one interesting thing that has happened to you since last time I saw you?

SRA: 15 minutes voluntary reading

BIG Reading: Lost in Sydney Chapters 3 and 4

08 January 2018

Opo the dolphin

The local 
She pushed it 
The dolphin learnt 
Fishermen found 
Opo preferred 
She sped like
The dolphin joined
The fishermen were

to play with a beach 
lightning through the water to catch 
people called her 
able to scratch its belly with 
along with her 
a dolphin following their 
the people 
children and would let them stroke 


an oar.



Fishermen found a dolphin following their boats.
The fishermen were able to scratch its belly with an oar.
The dolphin joined the people swimming.
The local people called her Opo.
Opo preferred children and would let them stroke her.
The dolphin learnt to play with a beach ball.
She pushed it along with her nose.
She sped like lightning through the water to catch it.

04 January 2018

Summer school part 2

11 December 2017

Hadashi no tabi chapter 2

Chapter 2

Mami sent me a letter today. She wrote:
     I’m happy. Soon you will come to Japan. I will meet you at Fukuoka airport. Soon we will be together again. We have lived alone for a few months, so we have much to talk about.
     Japan has four seasons. So does New Zealand. But their seasons are opposite. Now, in New Zealand it is autumn. In Japan, it is spring.
     The weather will be important for us, because Mami and I will be camping for much of the time. In New Zealand, I bought a small tent and two light sleeping bags. They are only for summer. If the weather gets bad, then we will get cold. In Japan, as we travel north, I hope that the weather will grow warm. We start from Satamisaki in the south, in April.
     In two weeks, I will fly to Japan. I like Japan. I have been there before. I even have a Japanese hobby. I enjoy writing haiku, but in English, not Japanese. Ten years ago, when I was first in Japan, I started writing them. I would like to write some haiku during my trip. I usually write one or two haiku each day.
[202 words]

25 January 2017

Week 7 Day 4

Collect in all books
One favorite/necessary activity per person
Emails to me to keep in touch and for Lingq
Practice presentations sentence by sentence.

MC work - notes on everyone
Syrian video

Look at what we had.
Help us remember.
See where we come from.
There are many differences.
Understand our feelings.
How much of this is gone?
I left my school because of war.
I couldn’t go to school for five years.
I moved here from Syria.
I miss my hometown.
When things are different I may go back.
I might decide to stay here.
It’s rare for people to have their house.

انظروا الى ما لدينا.
ساعدونا تذكر.
ترى من أين أتينا.
هناك العديد من الاختلافات.
فهم مشاعرنا.
كم من هذا ذهب؟
تركت مدرستي بسبب الحرب.
لم أتمكن من الذهاب إلى المدرسة لمدة خمس سنوات.
انتقلت الى هنا من سوريا.
افتقد مسقط رأسي.
عندما تكون الأمور مختلفة ربما أعود.
وأنا قد قررت البقاء هنا.
ومن النادر للناس ليكون منزلهم.
anzuruu 'iilaa ma ladayna.
saeduna tadhkar.
taraa min 'ayn 'atina.
hnak aledyd min alaikhtilafat.
fahum mmashaeiruna.
kam mn hdha dhahb?
tarakt mudristi bsbb alharb.
lm 'atamakkan min aldhdhahab 'iilaa almadrasat limuddat khms sanawatin.
antaqalat 'iilaa huna min suria.
aiftaqad masqat rasi.
eindama takun al'umur mukhtalifat rubbama 'aeud.
wa'ana qad qarrarat albaqa' huna.
wamin alnnadir lilnnas liakun munziluhum.

23 January 2017

Week 7 Day 2

Continue yesterday's list.
All 3-letter words
Placement test for 4 students. (Result: Nour level 2, Ola level 1, Ahmad D level 1, Rahaf level 1)

Helping Mohamad (and others) with presentation
Hello everyone.
My name is Mohamad.
I’m (18) eighteen.
I’m from Syria. I came to this class to learn English.
 I speak Arabic.
 In Syria, I couldn’t go to school for (5) five years.
Let me tell you now about one thing.
I like Rugby.
In Syria, we don’t have rugby at school. We have football instead, and tennis. I was a soccer player in a club. I was a mid-fielder.
Anyway, I learned about rugby in New Zealand. It looks fun. It’s a very good game, I think.
More people play rugby, and the team size is more too. Rugby is popular, and many people like to watch it.
New Zealand won the rugby world cup last in (2015) twenty fifteen. They beat Australia.
The score was (34 – 17) thirty-four to seventeen.

Well done!

22 January 2017

Week 7 Day 1

Review of ‘Summer’ School program, and to the future!
(folders, climate, 60 hours) 

Helping Ahmad L with presentation

I am Ahmed from Syria. I come from the city Aleppo in north-west Syria. I moved from Syria to Lebanon in 2012 because of the war. Then, I worked in Lebanon at a petrol station. I was in Lebanon for five years. After I came to New Zealand, I went to the Auckland Mangere refugee centre. I stayed in Auckland for only one month, and then came to Dunedin. Now I ‘m living in Concord. I am here—me and my dad and mum. My two sisters and one brother are still in Lebanon. I like swimming. I hope to learn English better.
Thank you for listening.

  • PRESENTATION spend 30 minutes practicing
  • SRA if you remain at Polytechnic)
  • Readers, reading, read, level
  • Personalize new words (use Spell-Write) puppy Bobby
I’m sad about summer.
This is our last  week.
  • Identify pronunciation difficulties e.g. pat/bat, leaf/leave) minimal pair practice
  • Dictation - how to do on your own (2 ways)
  • Which new words to learn?
  • Bookbox stories to listen/read (31 US English)
  • 100 word copy/write
  • Collect short sentences (cut and paste) . ... .
“Sorry” said the door. 
She shrunk slowly.