26 July 2017

100-word introduction

My name is William Lucas. I have been in Dunedin since the age of two. I'm a Kiwi, but my parents are Dutch. I'm married, and I have a family. My wife and I have one daughter, and I have three children from a previous marriage. I even have two grandchildren, both boys.

I enjoy living in Dunedin, although I miss living in Japan. I spent six years there, and am learning Japanese. I like many things about living in New Zealand, but not everything. I hope to be able to spend time in more than one country in future.


15 July 2017

English names

Try saying this list of names (from Transcribing the Sound of English by Paul Tench) that require the full range of vowels: Steve, Jim, Jen, Pat, Mark, John, George, Brook, Sue, Chuck, Bert, Jane, Joe, Di, Joy, Ian, Claire, Noor, Howard, Fiona and Louise. If we wanted to use different vowels for them all, we'd need 22 (Howard has 2)!