31 August 2017

Kosens Wk1 Friday

Outstanding stuff to finish off the week:

2-min presentation about host family
give weekend HW free option for diary page (remind of next week Wednesday's deadline)
Show Mami's clip
Introduce Heinrich Schliemann
Send Gmail link of e.g. Famous Four
Do something from course booklet
Open and shut questions for conversation
Afternoon prep and yesterday's revision. (5 sentences and in order) then pair up and merge the two documents).

30 August 2017

Kosens thursday

Communication focus
Open and shut questions
Find someone who.
Every name in the class. 6-ball game.
1-minute presentation
Presentation with HW.

29 August 2017

Kosens Week 1

2nd 1-minute speech. How can we make this less stressful?

First practice en masse and see who is the last person standing. Use key words. Prepare by reminding individuals of what each needs to improve.

En masse 'complaint' session about book.  Then I have 'help'. Then help takes over. Elicit useful softening phrases. 

Then, what book would be better.

Then, what would be better than a book.

Try next section of How I Met Myself. (If no take up, then what story would be better?

Hand out next diary page. Do the illustration in class and tell each other about it in various 'roles'.

Afternoon preparation. Divvy up key words to explain. Oral gap fill.